Should your pet have weight issues, winter is a good time to work on it. Due to decreased levels of activity of owners in cooler weather, our pets tend not to be exercised as regularly. This commonly leads to overnutrition and weight gain, as most owners do not decrease their pet’s energy consumption to match their new decreased level of energy usage. To ensure your pet does not become overweight during winter, ensure regular exercise and appropriate feeding regimes.

Cooler weather can also be a time for worsening of signs in animals with cardiopulmonary disease due to increased levels of wood smoke pollution and cooler air.

If your pet has a decreased tolerance for exercise compared with what they previously had, is finding it difficult to breath, panting excessively, develops a moist cough or big abdomen, they may be suffering from cardiopulmonary disease. This should be investigated with auscultation, thoracic radiographs and ultrasound.

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